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DAO UTokyo event, Open Problems in DAOs paper and much more.

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Connor Spelliscy
Executive Director
Decentralization Research Center


🇯🇵 DAO UTokyo (February 6-7, 2024) (overview). We’re co-hosting an intimate summit at the University of Tokyo with the Stanford Cyber Policy Center that will bring together practitioners, policymakers, and academics to think through DAOs in the Asia-Pacific region. Reach out to [email protected] for information on attendance. 

For a recap on our 2023 summits see links here: Harvard Summit on Equitable Ownership & Governance, DAO Stanford, and Canadian Emerging Tech & Policy Summit at the University of Toronto.


Open Problems in DAOs (paper, thread). From granular privacy primitives to mechanism designs to model laws, this paper identifies high-impact problems in the DAO ecosystem where existing gaps might be tackled through a new data set or by applying tools and ideas from existing research fields. 

Other key work published by DRC Fellows and community:

  • What Kinds of Incentives Encourage Participation in Democracy? Evidence from a Massive Online Governance Experiment (paper, article) [Stanford GSB] Co-authored by Andy Hall and Eliza Oak.

  • Disruptive Technologies for e-Diasporas: Blockchain, DAOs, Data Cooperatives, Metaverse, and ChatGPT (paper) [Futures] Authored by Igor Calzada.


🎙️ Fireside Chat with former CFTC Chair Chris Giancarlo on emerging tech & policy (Video) — A discussion of the benefits, risks, and regulation of AI & blockchain with Tony Douglas.

🎙️ Law of Code Podcast #89 - Legal Liability for DAO Members (Apple Podcasts) - Jacob Robinson and Eric Hess discuss the evolution of securities regulation in the United States.

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