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2024 Equitable Tech Summit, DAO UTokyo and more.

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Connor Spelliscy
Executive Director
Decentralization Research Center


🇺🇸 2024 Equitable Tech Summit — we’ll be co-hosting the summit on June 6th at the National Press Club in D.C., along with the Blockchain Association and Metagov. If you’d like to attend, please apply here.

  • The Equitable Tech Summit will highlight the need for equitable ownership and governance of these technologies, and how to mitigate the risk of repeating the same mistakes we made with Web 2.0. 

  • The summit will bring together 100 leading policymakers, regulators, academics, and industry experts to discuss solutions, build relationships, and align on steps forward.

See here for early details and reach out to [email protected] if you have questions.

Other events to attend 👇️ 

🇯🇵 Hosting DAO UTokyo on February 6-7 was an incredible experience, thank you to all who made this possible.

For a recap on our 2023 summits see links here: Harvard Summit on Equitable Ownership & Governance, DAO Stanford, and Canadian Emerging Tech & Policy Summit at the University of Toronto.


A report by BlockchainGov and the Project Liberty Institute comparing governance mechanisms and dynamics across 11 major blockchain networks including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos, and Optimism.

Interim Report on Blockchain Governance Practices (paper). Co-authors include DRC Fellows and community, including Kelsie Nabben, Sarah Roth-Gaudette, Eric Alston, Sheila Warren, Primavera de Filippi, Morshed Mannan, Tara Merk, et al.

Other key work featuring DRC Fellows and community:


🎙️ We’re proud to debut our new podcast, Techquitable, with a conversation with former CFTC Chair Chris Giancarlo on emerging tech & policy (Spotify).

Hosted by Connor Spelliscy and Tony Douglas Jr. of the Decentralization Research Center, this podcast will host a diverse array of voices — from researchers and policy makers to forward-thinking entrepreneurs and industry leaders — to keep you informed on the latest findings and research surrounding decentralization, governance and emerging technologies.

🎙️ The Tech We Need for the 21st Century Democracy with Divya SiddarthCollective Intelligence Project founder Divya Siddarth and Humane Tech explore how new kinds of governance can be supported through better technology.


We’re growing and looking to hire a Communications Manager (JD) — please share with anyone who you think might be qualified!

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The DRC Team